What We Do

For people from rural communities in Lesotho, transport is one of the biggest barriers to medical care. It's either too expensive or doesn't exist.


Remote Transport exists to ensure that, whatever women's financial situation, she can give birth free from fear.

Remote Transport provides free, reliable hospital transportation for women in the Mokhotlong to ensure safe delivery of babies, prevention of complications, and adequate post-natal care.


Pick-up and drop-off locations are designated throughout the district. We can book stops in advance using some creative methods, including phone calls, WhatsApp and texting, and bush notes (a game of Telephone where bus/taxi drivers or travellers relay a message over long distance)


Tel: +1 780 - 405 - 6049

Whatsapp: +1 780 - 405 - 6049

Skype: Remote Transport Africa

Email: remote.transport.africa@gmail.com

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